Deepfake Fraud over the years.

While there are numerous beneficial uses for deepfakes, one of the less discussed but highly concerning applications is in financial fraud.

Deepfakes have the potential to make social engineering attacks much easier for attackers. Some individuals have already fallen victim to scams, and it’s almost certain that more scams are on the horizon.

Relying solely on passwords or even phone numbers for security is not advisable. The more layers of security you have, the better protected you are. Our Reality Anchors represent some of the first effective methods for defending against this emerging threat vector. They are simple yet effective, and we believe they are an essential component of any modern security strategy.

We’re here to support you in navigating this AI landscape, ensuring that no matter what, we help you stay anchored to reality in a world that is becoming increasingly untethered from it.

Our solution is simple, straightforward, and effective.